Friday, December 14, 2007

A Holiday Gathering

And a spirited one at that! We met at Chevy's in Annapolis and I do believe everyone had a good time! And just to prove it, here's some photos of our 'ahem" exchange.

Here is (from left to right) Gail, Jette, and Kelly, and Donna in the foreground.

Here's Kay, Alana, Kate, Judith and Debra.

Here's Gail, Jette and Kelly again. I thing this was a troublesome table. Of course it's also the table where I sat.

Debra had just had a primo gift "stolen". She thought it was safe, but nothing is safe until the game is over.

Everyone checking out the goods, hoping that what they've chosen is safe.

So, the next time we gather is the day after Christmas, December 26th. Come join us, share your holiday tales and sit a bit. Maybe even knit or crochet, or even just to have a drink.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 12

Our meeting this past Monday was of course a lot of fun! With new people even! I actually remembered to bring my camera so that you lurkers out there can see what fun we're having and perhaps get inspired to come join us.

Here's Linda Looooooo and Gail. They're knitting away at helmet liners for a group of soldiers that another group they belong to have adopted. I've added the link if you want to give this a try. Yes, the military issues helmet liners to our fine service people. However, they are red (can you say bullseye?), and for ease of care they are also acrylic. I don't know about you, but if the temps drop down I'm not going to worry about how clean my helmet liner is. I want to be warm.
Here's Marseille and Jette. I can't remember what M was knitting. Jette was working on this sweater, a cardi that was totally amazing! BUT!!! When we inquired about the pattern, we were most disappointed to find it was in Danish. And I don't mean yummy pastries. She is going to try translating it. I think I need to sit with her and see just how this amazing and beautiful piece of work is done.
Dallas, who is president of the Maryland Metro Knitter's Guild, knit these for her granddaughters. Aren't they lovely? They're from Christmas Stockings.

This lovely piece of work being done by Alana. It's a lovely blend of angora and wool. And the pattern is one of the "surprises" from Knitty called Oblique. She's doing this one in angora so that it will remain hers and hers alone. This lil knitter does not fool around with the bunny fur as it makes her most miserable!

The cute little sweater on top, is one of Marseille's creations. Amazing isn't?!

And our Judith! We all adore our Judith!

Well, this next week is Thanksgiving. So I wish you all a safe and happy holiday. We'll be headed for the Eastern Shore for a big family dinner and the debut of my beautiful new grandson, Hayden.

The next time this motley crew gathers will be Wednesday, November 28th. Come join us!

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Knit Night!!

The ladies have decided another night is needed for knitting. So next week we'll be meeing again at the Seattle's Best Cafe in the Annapolis Borders.

Day: Thursday, November 1st.
Time: 7:00pm until we're told to leave or run out of chat

Come join us! Any questions, email me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Red Scarf Project

Okay folks, the Red Scarf Project for Annapolis Knits and Crochets is officially underway!

To read more about this project go here: Red Scarf Project.

I want you all to understand that is one of those projects where the proceeds actually stay here in the States. Not that I haven't done any knitting/sewing etc for projects around the Globe. This is a truly good cause -- In MY opinion. No I don't want to get into any politicial discussions. I want to knit.

Alana has worked out a rather beautiful option to the Knitting Daily Red Scarf. I'm working on her to get her to chart out her changes. Even the back side of the scarf is pleasing to the eyes. And for those of you who have knit cables, know that that doesn't happen too often!

So get that red yarn out!! KNIT or CROCHET a scarf.

We'll make a collection and send them off.

Monday, September 17, 2007

AH HA -- she does live

See, I am still around. Yes, I'm still in school attempting to tackle not one but two classes this semester. So far so good. Sanity - schmaity who needs to be sane?! Not me obviously.

Anyway, the Annapolis Knit and Crochet Group is getting ready to take the Red Scarf Challenge. Want to join in? Come on! All you need is a pair of needles and red yarn of your choice. Here's a link to Knitting Daily where you can pick up your own copy of the pattern and read more about the Red Scarf Project.

Our next gathering is coming up soon. You see it's been declared that twice a month is not enough. So there is an attempt being made to meet every week. Should be loads of fun, and a great chance to get crackin' on those Holiday Gifts! I know I've got a few that need my attention.

Also for more fibery fun and frolics don't forget the Maryland Artisan Tour coming up in October. This year's dates are October 19, 20 and 21st. To read more about the tour and print out your own map go here. It's a great opportunity to see Maryland come into her color, see the country side and have a really nice drive. Plus there are three places for great yarn!

That's it for me for now. I've given a couple of the ladies the ability to post here as well, but looks like they're worse then I am about posting!!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

World Wide Knit Day

Calling all Knitters in the DC area! Saturday, June 9th, is WWKIP day,

and the Creative Knitters Guild (CKG) will be celebrating at Glen Echo

Park in Bethesda. Please join us!

# Glen Echo Park -- http://glenechopark .org

We will meet anytime between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm at the picnic tables

in front of the Spanish Ballroom. There will be plenty of shade and

time to sit and enjoy knitting. In case of rain, we should be able to

move to the Bumper Car Pavillon or the Cuddle Up Pavillon.

Please plan to bring a lawn chair or blanket in the event we run out

of space at the picnic tables. Also, be sure and bring picnic goodies

and drinks. There are restrooms and a snack store nearby. You will see

that there are many artists and theatres in the park community…. and

don’t forget..…a carousel too!

Hope to see you there!



Friday, April 06, 2007

And the ladies knit and crochet on....

and on. And I'm stuck mostly studying! But I did actually make the last meeting and even took some wonderful photos of most everyone present. Somehow I missed Mimi and LindaLooo!

This fabulous piece of work is Alana's. It's the Paws to Remember scarf from A Gathering of Lace done in a lovely brown/chocolate alpaca.

This lovely piece of work is Kathy's. She's designing (folks, Kathy is really a wiz designer yet to be discovered) using Peace Fleece. The lace pattern just isn't represented here very well. I can't wait to see the finished product.

This is Julian one of the people who works at Borders. I've thrown his photo in for added viewing pleasure. If you're ever in our Borders, scope him out. He's fun and cute too!

Kim is working on her first cabled sweater. It's done in Debbie Bliss cotton angora, and it's also one of DB's patterns. Kim is doing a great job!

And Donna is working on socks. Every knitting group should have someone working on socks (if there isn't one doing so, I keep a sock in my knitting just for that reason!)

YEA! A people shot! This is from left to right - Alana, Gail and Kim. Gail is working on a pink scarf. The pattern is Falling Waters and it's coming out quite lovely! LindaLoooo is working on the same scarf pattern only in good ol Wool Ease. Linda, how did I miss getting your photo?!

Here's Kate our resident crocheter! This is a felted bag she's done from one of the JoAnn's kit yarns. It will be lined and gifted.

And Marseilla is working on a large scarf from Wool of the Andes Bulky. It's cabled and really lovely!

Now if this looks like something you'd like to join in, please come and join our group! Everyone is welcome. Our next meeting is Monday, April 9th at the Borders in the Annapolis Mall. We meet upstairs in the Seattle's Best Cafe starting at 7:00pm and go until we're told to leave. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Walk for a Cause!!

March 2007

611 Truxton Road

Annapolis, Maryland 21409

Dear Family and Friends,

In April 2006, I walked 39 miles over two days in support of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I walked in and around the Washington DC area with 2,500 women and men and collectively we raised $5.8 million dollars. The memories I have of those two days are pretty amazing but most important of all was knowing that there were family, friends and co-workers supporting me and that means a lot when you are on mile 26 wondering if your feet are going to fall off! So I am going to do it again!

On May 5th and 6th I will be walking with my good friend Nancy Burns. My commitment is to walk a marathon and a half (39 miles) over two days. My daughters, Taryn and Katie will be there cheering us on, as will Nancy’s husband Bob along with thousands of others who line the walk route. Your support and theirs makes all the difference in the world.

As a participant in the event, I must raise $1,800 but I have decided to set my 2007 personal goal at $2,000. Thanks to all of you who contributed last year and enabled me to surpass my goal of $1,800. Together we raised $4,024! I am very thankful for your generosity. The money you give funds the education and screening of women who might not otherwise be diagnosed, as well as research to stop this killer of so many women and men.

There are two ways you can donate. You can go to, select Donate, click on “Donate to a Participant”, click on Washington, DC., then enter my name (FYI - my participation number is 714110) it will lead you to a page where you can pledge online by credit or debit card either as a one time gift or a pledge over time. Or, if you prefer, your can mail a check made out to “Avon Walk for Breast Cancer” directly to me and let me do all the paperwork for you.

Last year, I wrote the names of those who donated and the names of those that you wanted me to walk in honor of on the shirt that I wore both days. I haven’t forgotten. So this year I walk for Melissa, Irma Lee, Catherine, Martha and Karen. And I walk to honor my daughters Katie and Taryn. As a 19 year survivor of breast cancer I cannot do enough to make this disease go away. I hope you will join me in the battle against breast cancer by contributing and by encouraging the women you know to perform monthly breast exams and have regular mammograms.

Many, many thanks for your support,

Linda B

Wednesday Night!!

This Wednesday at Borders Seattle's Best Cafe in the Annapolis Mall. Come join us for stitching and hooking fun! - March 28th starting at 7:00pm and going until we're told to leave.

Everyone is welcome! Bring new projects, bring old projects, bring projects giving you fits. Or just bring yourself and join in the chat.

I'll bring my Maryland Sheep & Wool book that just came in the mail this past Saturday! It's time to start planning out your course of action -- unless you're like me and just use it as a time to meet people those I only "see" on the Internet.

Questions please email me. geniaknits *at* gmail *dot* com

Hope to see you Wednesday!!

Friday, January 26, 2007


'Cause I really need to get working on my homework. It takes time for my brain to soak up all this stuff I'm trying to cram into it.

Here's some results of our little entralac lesson a few weeks ago. The ladies have had a great time knitting away!

This is Margot's work. Great no? And Margot is a newly wed too. How does she find the time to knit?!

This is Debra's work. Sorry no photo of her this week, she got whacked in the face with a ladder and a photo would be very cruel! I hope she's on the mend now.

Okay, brain overload. I can't remember who this is. I will find out and post her name appropriately. What a bad bad host I am.

Next meeting for anyone wanting to join us is Monday, February 12 - 7:00pm in the Seattle's Best Cafe of Borders Books in the Annapolis Mall. All are welcome.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pirate Mittens

My DH requested mittens to be gifted. Of course I'm not quite sure when he's planning on sending them out. It's beginning to look more like Spring around here then Winter. Though the folks in the midwest aren't saying the same.

This pair I did with an extra cuff in 2 x 2 ribbing that is a little longer and then knit into the patterned cuff of the mitten. I thought this would make them fit a bit more snuggly making them warmer.

Both pair were done in Paton Classic Wool which is 100% merino. This is a wonderful yarn and I really wish the places around here would carry more colors!

*** A side note to all you mitten fans. Though I love to knit mittens - and you can ask anyone who knows me will tell you this - soon this blog will switch over to the happens of my favorite knit group Annapolis Knits and Crochets. A lot of the people who join us twice a month don't have blogs but are really fabulous artists! You've already seen a lot of their of work here. So when the name changes please know that it's still us, just a new name and face and a lot more to say!

Monday, January 01, 2007

More Updates!

Happy New Year's to you all! Hey Kate, I've taken my last post off of DRAFT - finally. I'll try not to do that little trick again.

Here's more photos cause I just know that's why you folks stop in here.

This is the complete set that Kate made. She's a great crocheter!

These are cabled mittens that Alana picked up both the yarn and pattern for from Kiparoo Farms when we went on the Studio Tour. Isn't it lovely?!

And this is the School Bus scarf Alana knit for Logan. What? You need a cutie pie photo too? No prob!

Our next meeting is Monday January 8. Marseilla is going to get us started knitting an entralac scarf!

Here's her message:

I'm thinking in terms of a scarf or square swatch here.....bring some smooth
yarn, a worsted weight with size 8 needles, preferably. Two colors would be
best--then you can alternate rows for clarity. And you're best with
straight needles, to start--I think it's more intuitive to learn that way.

Also, you should either have a crochet hook in a compatible size (maybe a
G?) with you, or be adept at picking up and knitting stitches without. I'd
suggest bringing a crochet hook anyway, just in case.

As far as skills--knitting, purling, casting on (not a long-tail cast-on,
but a knitted or cable cast-on....) and casting off. :) As well as knit
two together (k2tog), slip slip knit (ssk), and purl two together (p2tog).
And increasing--I tend to use the knit front back (kfb) in this case.

To recap:

smooth, worsted-weight yarn in two colors
size 8 straight needles (or a size larger or smaller....)
crochet hook

If you want to get started in preparation, cast on ten stitches and work
twenty rows in stockinette, ending with a right-side row.

TTFN! And keep those needles click'n and hooks a hook'n!