Monday, January 15, 2007

Pirate Mittens

My DH requested mittens to be gifted. Of course I'm not quite sure when he's planning on sending them out. It's beginning to look more like Spring around here then Winter. Though the folks in the midwest aren't saying the same.

This pair I did with an extra cuff in 2 x 2 ribbing that is a little longer and then knit into the patterned cuff of the mitten. I thought this would make them fit a bit more snuggly making them warmer.

Both pair were done in Paton Classic Wool which is 100% merino. This is a wonderful yarn and I really wish the places around here would carry more colors!

*** A side note to all you mitten fans. Though I love to knit mittens - and you can ask anyone who knows me will tell you this - soon this blog will switch over to the happens of my favorite knit group Annapolis Knits and Crochets. A lot of the people who join us twice a month don't have blogs but are really fabulous artists! You've already seen a lot of their of work here. So when the name changes please know that it's still us, just a new name and face and a lot more to say!

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