Monday, January 01, 2007

More Updates!

Happy New Year's to you all! Hey Kate, I've taken my last post off of DRAFT - finally. I'll try not to do that little trick again.

Here's more photos cause I just know that's why you folks stop in here.

This is the complete set that Kate made. She's a great crocheter!

These are cabled mittens that Alana picked up both the yarn and pattern for from Kiparoo Farms when we went on the Studio Tour. Isn't it lovely?!

And this is the School Bus scarf Alana knit for Logan. What? You need a cutie pie photo too? No prob!

Our next meeting is Monday January 8. Marseilla is going to get us started knitting an entralac scarf!

Here's her message:

I'm thinking in terms of a scarf or square swatch here.....bring some smooth
yarn, a worsted weight with size 8 needles, preferably. Two colors would be
best--then you can alternate rows for clarity. And you're best with
straight needles, to start--I think it's more intuitive to learn that way.

Also, you should either have a crochet hook in a compatible size (maybe a
G?) with you, or be adept at picking up and knitting stitches without. I'd
suggest bringing a crochet hook anyway, just in case.

As far as skills--knitting, purling, casting on (not a long-tail cast-on,
but a knitted or cable cast-on....) and casting off. :) As well as knit
two together (k2tog), slip slip knit (ssk), and purl two together (p2tog).
And increasing--I tend to use the knit front back (kfb) in this case.

To recap:

smooth, worsted-weight yarn in two colors
size 8 straight needles (or a size larger or smaller....)
crochet hook

If you want to get started in preparation, cast on ten stitches and work
twenty rows in stockinette, ending with a right-side row.

TTFN! And keep those needles click'n and hooks a hook'n!

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