Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 12

Our meeting this past Monday was of course a lot of fun! With new people even! I actually remembered to bring my camera so that you lurkers out there can see what fun we're having and perhaps get inspired to come join us.

Here's Linda Looooooo and Gail. They're knitting away at helmet liners for a group of soldiers that another group they belong to have adopted. I've added the link if you want to give this a try. Yes, the military issues helmet liners to our fine service people. However, they are red (can you say bullseye?), and for ease of care they are also acrylic. I don't know about you, but if the temps drop down I'm not going to worry about how clean my helmet liner is. I want to be warm.
Here's Marseille and Jette. I can't remember what M was knitting. Jette was working on this sweater, a cardi that was totally amazing! BUT!!! When we inquired about the pattern, we were most disappointed to find it was in Danish. And I don't mean yummy pastries. She is going to try translating it. I think I need to sit with her and see just how this amazing and beautiful piece of work is done.
Dallas, who is president of the Maryland Metro Knitter's Guild, knit these for her granddaughters. Aren't they lovely? They're from Christmas Stockings.

This lovely piece of work being done by Alana. It's a lovely blend of angora and wool. And the pattern is one of the "surprises" from Knitty called Oblique. She's doing this one in angora so that it will remain hers and hers alone. This lil knitter does not fool around with the bunny fur as it makes her most miserable!

The cute little sweater on top, is one of Marseille's creations. Amazing isn't?!

And our Judith! We all adore our Judith!

Well, this next week is Thanksgiving. So I wish you all a safe and happy holiday. We'll be headed for the Eastern Shore for a big family dinner and the debut of my beautiful new grandson, Hayden.

The next time this motley crew gathers will be Wednesday, November 28th. Come join us!