Friday, September 21, 2007

Red Scarf Project

Okay folks, the Red Scarf Project for Annapolis Knits and Crochets is officially underway!

To read more about this project go here: Red Scarf Project.

I want you all to understand that is one of those projects where the proceeds actually stay here in the States. Not that I haven't done any knitting/sewing etc for projects around the Globe. This is a truly good cause -- In MY opinion. No I don't want to get into any politicial discussions. I want to knit.

Alana has worked out a rather beautiful option to the Knitting Daily Red Scarf. I'm working on her to get her to chart out her changes. Even the back side of the scarf is pleasing to the eyes. And for those of you who have knit cables, know that that doesn't happen too often!

So get that red yarn out!! KNIT or CROCHET a scarf.

We'll make a collection and send them off.

Monday, September 17, 2007

AH HA -- she does live

See, I am still around. Yes, I'm still in school attempting to tackle not one but two classes this semester. So far so good. Sanity - schmaity who needs to be sane?! Not me obviously.

Anyway, the Annapolis Knit and Crochet Group is getting ready to take the Red Scarf Challenge. Want to join in? Come on! All you need is a pair of needles and red yarn of your choice. Here's a link to Knitting Daily where you can pick up your own copy of the pattern and read more about the Red Scarf Project.

Our next gathering is coming up soon. You see it's been declared that twice a month is not enough. So there is an attempt being made to meet every week. Should be loads of fun, and a great chance to get crackin' on those Holiday Gifts! I know I've got a few that need my attention.

Also for more fibery fun and frolics don't forget the Maryland Artisan Tour coming up in October. This year's dates are October 19, 20 and 21st. To read more about the tour and print out your own map go here. It's a great opportunity to see Maryland come into her color, see the country side and have a really nice drive. Plus there are three places for great yarn!

That's it for me for now. I've given a couple of the ladies the ability to post here as well, but looks like they're worse then I am about posting!!