Thursday, December 14, 2006

These beauties were knit - yes, I said knit! by Debra from the Annapolis Knit/Crochet Group. She's planning on wearing them for New Years.

These are for Kate's niece. Isn't she a lucky little girl!!

And these are part of a set the Kate is crocheting for herself. More on these soon.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

19 Days

19 Days until Christmas that is. WOW!! Time is flying like crazy. Here's some mitten pics for you. These are some I made that are to be gifted to a special person....sorry I can't tell who it is cause they might be a reader of this blog.

And these aren't mittens as you can see, but rather slipper/socks. Also a gift so same rule applies.

And my "baby" turned 8 this past weekend. Here's one of his birthday pics.

Back to the needles!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!!


Check out these beauties done by Alana! The way this girl gets her projects done you'd never know she has two of the most beautiful kiddies in the world!! They are Filatura Lanarota Cuzco sport weight 100% Alpaca. Sorry, I can't remember the pattern. But I do remember that I got it off the internet.....somewhere.

And for Christmas gifts she did these...

You can knit one of these little beauties too. The pattern is here. And while you're there check out the other cool designs at Hello Yarns. These two were done in Paton's DK natural and black. One ball of each color.

Oh and for the record here is Logan

And this little beauty is our Princess of Knit, Sidney

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and that if you're shopping til you drop that it's for yarn!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


If you happen to be in the Annapolis and wonder where those crazed knitters and crocheters gather here's the 411:

Every 2nd Monday of the month and 4th Wednesday of month we meet at the Annapolis Borders in the Seattle Best Cafe. It's upstairs in front of the windows. We start gathering officially at 7:00pm but most start showing up sooner. Also, some us occasionally meet before hand for dinner so drop me an e-mail if you're interested in eating too.

And yes, we will be meeting next Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Come share your favorite holiday stories and recipes with us too!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Knit Night at Borders

Oh and crochet too! Our friend Kate has been crocheting some wonderful little hats from leftover yarn. And all these little beauties will be going to the Prez in the Caps to the Capitol campaign. I'll look for the photos that I took for you. They're really cute. Got some leftover yarns? Knit or crochet some caps! Those babies need them!

These little beauties are the mittens that Kathy was working on in the last post. Aren't they wonderful! And she did a great job on the thumbs.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

We've got mittens!

Yea!! We've got mittens! and handwarmers! And a skyline picture for Sandy too! This is a photo of the new monument for the Air Force. I thought it was quite beautiful and the grace is like that of the Blue Angels themselves.

Here's Kathy. Gotta love the determination on her face. Those are thumb stitches she's picking up (from a peasant thumb.)

These little beauties are the work of Marseille. She got her pattern from Knitpicks.
Her doll is really cute too!

These are some hand/wrist warmers I made using stash....yea for stash busting!! They are to be a Halloween/Thank you gift for a friend.

These are for the Wyldman cause this mom can't knit for anyone without something being for him too (we've all got our fans!!)

And these are going to be a gift too....that is as soon as the thumbs are done.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Mitten Story

Once there was a fiberfiend who gorged herself on some lovely yarn at a local yarn shop. The yarn was so nice and green and gold and soft and there were some 4 skeins available. The yarn was hers.

Happily she skipped her way home holding the yummy yarn to her bosom (okay folks stop laughing, this is a G-rated blog. Kiddies may be listening!) and dreaming of what this yarn would be. However, once home there were diapers to be changed and dinner to be made and homework to be done and letters to write. So, the yarn was asked to be patient and wait it's turn. It obliged and said it would be quiet and wait on a shelf. Days went by and yarn was quiet. And chores carried on and still the yarn waited. Most patiently it waited.

One day the fiberfiend picked up the yarn, stroked it and asked the yarn what it would like to be. However the yarn seemed to be in a slumber and wouldn't answer. So back on the shelf it went, the fiend sure that it was destined to be something great.

Summer came along and the yarn was moved to a safer spot with it's own cache of lavendar, rosemary and other goodies until Autumn when it would be wakened.

However, time went on and the yarn stayed in it's cozy little spot. Then one day, a spry young troop of Girl Scouts asked the fiberfiend for knitting lessons. Of course the fiend couldn't resist enabling young ones to the lure of the yarn. So she opened her coffers of yarn and allowed the young girls to choose as desired what yarn they would like to have.

Somehow, the lovely yarn was overlooked by the fiend and away it went with the grrls. Proud now that they were picking up knitting like true little fiber fiends. All chatty and discussing future trips to other yarn shops. <>

Now admittly it is more then a few years later and a single skein of yarn cried out from the coffers asking to be knit. The fiend hearing it's cry dug the yarn out of the box and realized that it would make a grand pair of mittens! So down she sat with her favorite pair of number 5 dpns and started knitting. Cast on went well, no splitting. On to the stocking stitch and the stitches were clear and firm and in a word quite beautiful. On to the thumb opening, picking up stitches was a dream. Then the hand and top of the mitten. Total time was just a couple of hours and a lovely mitten was to be had. See?

So back to the coffers flew the fiend in search of another ball of yarn to knit the second mitten. hmmmm, Not there. So to the closet. Still no sign of a second skein. Backroom, still no yarn.


Next, to the super secret place not to be spoken out loud..... nope. Not there either. Hence, one sad lonely mitten. Doesn't it look sad?

Being as I don't have a yarn band, and don't remember the name of the yarn poor lonely mitten will remain lonely. Unless one of you happens to know of someone in need of a single but lovely mitten.

Monday, October 02, 2006


So right after I started this blogging spot for mittens, our computer CRASHED! Sure I could have blogged from the library or from a friend's house but it's all about the pictures!!

This one is for Sandy cause the SKY is the limit and Sandy is always reaching!

This was taken on Sunday while my daughter (who was driving) my cousin (I've mentioned CJ before) and myself were returning to our little treehouse from my parents home outside of Warrenton, Virginia. The rainbow was over one of Mr. Hazel's property of which he owns quite a bit.

Coming soon: The Tale of a Lonely Mitten

back to the needles!!

Friday, September 15, 2006


It's Autumn, and days are getting shorter and cooler. Hands are getting a bit chapped and raw and it's time to Warm them Up!

So taking a que from Miss Sandy, I've started this blog to showcase mittens! I have a groups of friends who meet every month at the Annapolis Borders Cafe to sit, knit, chat, and in general have a warm knitterly time. It's a wonderful group of people and I really adore them all. Not all of them have blogs but won't mind sharing their amazing work with all.

**Please note that it's also an open group, and any and all is most welcome to come join us. I will post meeting dates as they come round.

At our last meeting (September 11th) we started a knit-a-long of MITTENS! Mostly two color, all in different weights, and some of the knitters are even knitting in the round for the first time! Even taught one to purl! It was great fun and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

So come back and see what's been happening. I'll also be posting the occasional mitten pattern, and pictures of mittens cause that's what it's all about. Oh, possibly some gloves and socks too.

For more fabulous mittens and gloves go to Warm Hands. This is it's second year and well worth the visit. I'll see you there!