Sunday, October 29, 2006

We've got mittens!

Yea!! We've got mittens! and handwarmers! And a skyline picture for Sandy too! This is a photo of the new monument for the Air Force. I thought it was quite beautiful and the grace is like that of the Blue Angels themselves.

Here's Kathy. Gotta love the determination on her face. Those are thumb stitches she's picking up (from a peasant thumb.)

These little beauties are the work of Marseille. She got her pattern from Knitpicks.
Her doll is really cute too!

These are some hand/wrist warmers I made using stash....yea for stash busting!! They are to be a Halloween/Thank you gift for a friend.

These are for the Wyldman cause this mom can't knit for anyone without something being for him too (we've all got our fans!!)

And these are going to be a gift too....that is as soon as the thumbs are done.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo - I was concentrating hard - thankfully the thumbs came out beautifully after your coaching! I am already past the thumb stitches on the second one. I'll send you a picture to post when I'm done.