Friday, January 26, 2007


'Cause I really need to get working on my homework. It takes time for my brain to soak up all this stuff I'm trying to cram into it.

Here's some results of our little entralac lesson a few weeks ago. The ladies have had a great time knitting away!

This is Margot's work. Great no? And Margot is a newly wed too. How does she find the time to knit?!

This is Debra's work. Sorry no photo of her this week, she got whacked in the face with a ladder and a photo would be very cruel! I hope she's on the mend now.

Okay, brain overload. I can't remember who this is. I will find out and post her name appropriately. What a bad bad host I am.

Next meeting for anyone wanting to join us is Monday, February 12 - 7:00pm in the Seattle's Best Cafe of Borders Books in the Annapolis Mall. All are welcome.

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